Laboratory Animal Facility

The laboratory animal facility in Greater Bay Area Institute of Precision Medicine (Guangzhou) is an important supporting facility for ensuing full-scale and balanced development of the institute, which a public technology service platform integrated with the functions of teaching, scientific research and community service. We utilize the Nansha’s geographic resource and advantage to promote the solution of big issues in biological medicine and human health, in order to build our facility as the experiment animal research base for boosting the development of the biological medicine industry in Greater Bay Area.

The area of the laboratory animal facility covers 1875 square meters and our 7th grade sanitation area covers 850 square meters, which can be used for raising gene-transferred and immune-deficient mice and the normal SPF grade rats and mice. Our auxiliary area is equipped with animal microbe lab, pathology lab, clinical examination room and control room, which renders the possibility of conducting a series of experiments at the same time.

The facilities for laboratory animal facility in our barrier area are strictly constructed under the guidance of national standard of experiment animal facility (GB14925), which is equipped with the smart control and management system that can automatically control temperature, moisture, pressure and other environmental parameters. We are also equipped with the other advanced instruments such as IVC (independent ventilation cage), full automatic water bottle cleaning machine, padding dumping machine, full automatic water bottle filling machine and hydrogen peroxide transfer cabin, in order to provide the precise experimental conditions for animal experiments.