Biobank is a biological application system that centrally collects various biological materials for clinical usage, disease treatment and life science research. It is the cornerstone and bridge for basic research, clinical translational medicine research and the implementation of precision medicine strategies.

Our biobank utilizes our research institute as the carrier and the standard system as the handle to establish a shareable data and sample standard grounded on an intelligent management system. Our bank is a resource sharing platform consistent with ethical norms and open to the society.

We plan to set up a low-temperature storage area and a sample pretreatment area in our platform equipped with an ultra-low temperature refrigerator, gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank, sample information management system and sample pretreatment instruments, which can satisfy the storage of 400,000 biological samples. Our goal is to assist the enterprises and institutes in the Guangdong-Hong-Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to fulfill their clinical translational research.