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Postdoc Positions
The Laboratory of Precision Delivery and Immunotherapy is hiring. Postdoc positions are open for motivated junior scientists who are enthusiastic about precision delivery and immunotherapy.
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Previous rigorous training and extensive knowledge about cell biology, cancer biology, immunology, preclinical animal models, cell engineering, and cell therapy are preferred but not required. Candidates with multidisciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Upon completion of training, a postdoc certificate will be granted by Fudan University, China.

Postdoc Positions
The Translational Bioinformatics in Complex Diseases group is looking for highly motivated candidates for Post-doc scholars (full-time).
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The successful candidate will have the opportunity to  

1. Develop innovative computational approaches for omics and clinical data analysis

2. Design state-of-the-art computational platforms for biomarker detection in psychiatry and aging

3. Deliver computational tools with well-crafted and maintainable code

4. Communicate findings through presentations, and publications on a regular basis

5. Participate in project planning and grant writing

Upon completion of training, a postdoc certificate will be granted by Fudan University, China.


Qualified to be employed as a postdoctor is one who has obtained a doctorate or has equivalent scientific competence. Applicants who have not completed a doctorate at the end of the application period may also apply. 


1. A doctoral degree related to computational biology, bioinformatics, machine learning, epigenomics, biostatistics, molecular epidemiology, statistics, computer science and neuroscience, as well as aging

2. Familiar with data mining and analysis in genomics, transcriptomics or epigenomics, single-cell omics and neuroimaging, or be proficient in machine learning, and deep learning algorithms

3. Very good programming skills such as R, or Python, familiar with Linux operating environment, and experience in big data analysis is preferred

4. Applicants with the following experience are preferred: Computational epigenomics (DNA methylome analysis), multimodal data integration, (explainable) machine learning model development and application

5. Honesty and strong sense of responsibility, talent in organization and teamwork spirit

We warmly welcome outstanding domestic and oversea scholars to join in us. If you are interested in a position, please contact