Principal Investigator
JIA Huijue
Research Direction

metagenomics and culturomics, for a systematic and actionable understanding of the microbiome in health and disease


Dr. Huijue Jia received her B.S. in biological sciences at Fudan University in 2005, and PhD in biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University in 2011 from the laboratory of Dr. Eckhard Jankowsky. After being a postdoc in Dr. Yi Zhang’s lab then at UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Jia worked as a scientific editor at Nature Communications in London. Dr. Jia has been studying the microbiome since joining BGI-Shenzhen in 2013, and is faculty of Fudan University and IPM since 2022.


We push boundaries in metagenomics and culturomics, for a systematic and actionable understanding of the microbiome in health and disease, which would eventually change the landscape of complex diseases in general.


Editorial board of Gigabyte magazine (2019 -);

Intestinal microecology branch of Biophysics Society (2021 -), standing member of medical microbiology branch of Guangdong precision Medicine Association (2020 -);

Member of the medical microecology Professional Committee of Shenzhen Medical Association (2021 -);

Member of the academic committee of the Key Laboratory of rapid drug detection technology of Guangdong Institute for drug control and the State Drug Administration (2019 -);

Part time associate professor, State Key Laboratory of Chinese medicine quality, University of science and technology of Macau (2015-2019);

Executive director of the Chinese medicine immunization Committee of the World Federation of traditional Chinese medicine (2015 -)


1. In 2020, Kerui Wei'an, a highly cited scholar;

2. In 2020, GPB (genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics), the "top ten advances in China's bioinformatics" and the "top ten applications in China's bioinformatics" in 2019

3. In 2015, Shenzhen Municipal Human and social resources department awarded the overseas high-level talents "peacock plan" class B talents;

4. In 2012, Medical Excellence Award (one in each department), Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

5. In 2012, LLS fellow (postdoctoral scholarship, 12 people in the United States that year), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society



Jia H. Investigating Human Diseases with the Microbiome: Metagenomics Bench to Bedside. ISBN: 9780323913690 (link:

Chinese version by Tsinghua University Press. ISBN: .


Neuroscience for Artificial Intelligence. ISBN: TBD.



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